Standard Board
Standard quality foamboard with bright-white pH neutral clay-coated paper liners. Suitable for multi and general applications.

Flat Board
Premium quality foamboard with polyethylene protection coat on both sides. Suitable for direct printing and photo mounting.

Plus Board
High density foamboard with polyethylene coated paper liners. Suitable for large format digital imaging.

Almite Board
Top quality high-density foamboard reinforced by aluminum and polyester film with primer finish on both sides.

Black Board
All black quality foamboard. Suitable as a display board for presentation and photo mounting.

Kraft Board
Second quality foam board with kraft paper liners. Suitable for cheap & fast applications. Natural brown or white kraft paper available.

Adhesive Board
White paper on white polystyrene board with one or both sides adhesive

Air-Free Adhesive Board
Innovated adhesive foamboard with specially designed adhesive surface for easy & bubble free mounting.

Adhesive Repositionable Board
Repositionable adhesive foamboard. Repositionable low-tack adhesive on one side under silicon release paper.

Heat Activated Board
Heat-activated adhesive foamboard. Adhesive activates at low temperature and makes bubble free & strong bond.

Alfix Board
Top quality adhesive foamboard reinforced by aluminum and polystyrene film. Permanent high-tack adhesive coat on one side.

Black Board Adhesive
One or both sides adhesive on black foamboard

Kraft Board Adhesive
one or both sides adhesive on Kraft foamboard

-Extruded Polystyrene

-Color Printed
-Color Sheet

-White Paper
-Black Paper
-Color Paper

-Inkjet Media
-Specialty Media

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