Hanseung is proudly introducing our product aliance partner, Foamwerks.

Introducing the world's first complete line of foamboard cutting and modeling tools! Built by Logan Graphic Products, the FoamWerks line of foamboard tools allow anyone to cut foamboard easily and precisely. Now you can quickly create professional 3D models, craft projects, home decor, signs, framing, and much more. FoamWerks tools allow you to cut circlesstraight linesV-groovesfreestyle shapesbevelsrabbet edgesdrill holes, and more in foamboard and cellfoam.

Foamwerks is the world's first complete line of tools designed to cut, model and build with foamboard. FoamWerks tools are accurate, easy to use, and able to cut circles, straight edges, beveled edges, v-grooves, small holes and rabbet edges. Perfect for architectural and room models, craft projects, home decor, holiday and school projects. All feature quick-change blades and ergonomic designs. The FoamWerks family also includes innovative accessories such as a guide rail, tape, accessories kit and clips. Also included is a full-line of replacement blades and a full-color project book.

-Extruded Polystyrene

-Color Printed
-Color Sheet

-White Paper
-Black Paper
-Color Paper

-Inkjet Media
-Specialty Media

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