The products have different sizes, thicknesses, and foaming rates
according to its applications and customer needs

1. Type of Sheet
- Board Sheet
- Industrial Packing Sheet
- Construction Material Sheet
- Colored Sheet
- Coated Sheet
- Tray Sheet
- Fruit Packing Sheet

2. Size of Sheet
- Width : 670 ~ 1480 mm
- Thickness : 0.7 ~ 4.0 mm

3. Application
- Raw materials for various board products such as PS Board,
  Color Board, Color Printed Board and Foam Board
- Buffer materials for industrial products
- Cup noodle cases
- Disposable plates and bowls

4. Features of HandSeung Sheet
- Produced by the most famous and skilled manufactures in Korea
- Wide variety of foaming rates to choose from according to ones' uses
- No specific gravity deviation
- Smooth and glossy outer surfaces
- Very light yet durable and sturdy
- Variety of product specifications available for diversified uses<

Hanseung Polystyrene Sheet

-Extruded Polystyrene

-Color Printed
-Color Sheet

-White Paper
-Black Paper
-Color Paper

-Inkjet Media
-Specialty Media

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