Polystyrene board is made up with two foamed PSP sheets by sticking together. According to its uses, it is processed and manufactured with various materials and specifications for multi purposes.

1. Type of Board
- Pure Polystyrene Board
- Color Sheet Board
- Color Printing Board
- Adhesive Board

2. Size
- Width : 400 ~ 1400 mm
- Length : 600 ~ 2440 mm
- Thickness : 1 ~ 12 mm

Pure Polystyrene Board
This board is made by sticking two PSP sheets together and it is generally called "Woodlac" in Korea. Paper, sticker and cork can stick to the surface and color printing is also possible. White color, 1 ~ 12mm of thickness and other specs are at customers' choices.


Color Printed Board
Various colors can be printed on the surface of this board. So users don't have to spend their time and energy coloring on the boards. 41 colors available.

Color Sheet Board
Color Sheet Board made up with colored sheet that has colors in it. So the color of the outer and the inner part is the same.


-Extruded Polystyrene

-Color Printed
-Color Sheet

-White Paper
-Black Paper
-Color Paper

-Inkjet Media
-Specialty Media

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